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LotR haiku

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Various Haiku [22 Jun 2005|02:39pm]

I've just posted several lotrips haiku (pairings EW/OB, LT/MO) on my LJ.
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Obsidian Love [16 Dec 2004|12:36pm]

Title: Obsidian Love
Pairing: Liv Tyler/Lucy Lawless
Rating: NC-17
For: vegetariansushi
Summary: The girls find out if dark lust has to burn or break them.
Disclaimer: It's all fiction!
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wing!fic haiku [10 Apr 2004|02:04pm]

Title: Untitled
Pairing: None, really.
Rating: Probably R, though I tend to rate high.
Disclaimer: Definitely not at all mine.
Warnings: Wingfic. Elijah-centric. Though not especially explicit, there is passing mention of various body fluids, and if you squick especially easily, you probably shouldn't read this.
Author's Note: Yesterday, I promised deleerium that I'd write her haiku wingfic by tonight. I didn't mean for it to get anywhere near this long (25 stanzas), and didn't think that it was going to be the kind of thing that I posted anywhere. When I finished, though, I realised that I quite liked it, and figured what the hell.

It starts late at night.
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[05 Apr 2004|06:25pm]

Oh Lord, I have loads of Dom haikus I posted a while ago at Dom's IMDb board. Here's a few:

Dom and Bill in bath
With a yellow rubber duck
Makes me squee inside

Thank you for Dom's bum
Mr. and Mrs. Monaghan
It looks mighty fine

(just imagine 'Mrs.' is two syllables okay? ;) )

Hetty is silly
She does not want to glomp Geoff
anytime at all.

Incredible nights
Are sponsored by the lovely
Mr. Monaghan

When it starts raining
Does your pretty eyeliner
Run out at all, Dom?

Dom's bum is a piece
Of very fine craftsmanship
Boxers optional

More are here. We had quite a bit of fun making those, and there are some very good ones! Enjoy :)
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[11 Mar 2004|07:14pm]

[ mood | tummy ache ]

Mine for the challenge:

Elijah's milkshake,
brings boys to the yard and Dom,
has, a backyard pass.

Oh well. Quite obvious where my line is from...Just in case.
Line from Milkshake-Kellis.

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[10 Mar 2004|08:48pm]

[ mood | silly ]

eyyy, people. how -you- doin'? (ugh. it sounds fine in my head, but when i type it out... ehh.) :D

it's challenge time again! (cue groan) i decided it was about time for some song!haiku. (quiet! you love it really.) ;)

so! any pairing, any no. of stanzas, etc, but include a song lyric, and tell us what it is (or, even better, make us guess. heehee).

(hm. wonder if anyone will actually do this one... *stares around at barren wasteland of haikulessness*) :D

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[29 Feb 2004|06:33pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Merry rejoices,
Frodo's alright, but Merry's
a crazy mofo.

This one was inspired by an icon someone made. Sorry I can't remember who therefor I can't post the icon without permission.

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[28 Feb 2004|09:27pm]

About Dom:

Coz this boy's got hips,
shakes what his mama gave him.
Bedroom, and bathroom
invitations 24/7.
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[25 Feb 2004|12:10pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

I just stumbled onto your lovely community....

So as a hello and in honor of Dom being King of Mardi Gras:

Riding atop the float
In your multi-colored cloak
You steal my breath.

lame, yes, but he was v. sexy in the pictures... off to write haikus about how lovely he looks singing at the ball!!!

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[25 Feb 2004|08:54am]
[ mood | rushed ]

For scaryemilie, because she asked for it. Not my best work, but maybe there'll be more to come.

Five syllables or more, eh?Collapse )

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Haiku story: fivefold [25 Feb 2004|01:20pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

The other day scaryemilie challenged us to write a haiku which included "a word of 5 syllables or more."

Here's my response... Fivefold


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[21 Feb 2004|06:11pm]

[ mood | silly ]

whee! am being a bad community moderator-y person. ugh. lack of internet access wreaking havoc on my remaining dregs of sanity. [/useless whining/blaming etc]

right. at the request of the lovely cupidsbow (whose icon continues to crack me up), i am posting a CHALLENGEomg. :D

so, write a haiku! (obviously.) but the challenge is to include a word of 5 syllables or more. (yes, is v. lame. i really do need to go away and think more about these challenges. meh.)

okay. when i get back i expect you people to have been busy, alrite? ;D

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[02 Feb 2004|01:15pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Watching DVDs -
Documentaries galore -
Refreshes the squee.

Ah, bearded ladies,
instant comedy for Dom,
Teasing Viggo = fun.

Sala and Viggo
Headbutting Orlando - hee!
"White light!" is too cute.

Bernard and Viggo,
lots of good times together,
Must have been fun then.

Why is there not much
more of the Karl Urban hotass
on my DVDs?

Is it URban or
is it urBAN? I don't know.
Let's just call him Karl.

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Sighs [28 Jan 2004|05:23pm]

orlando sighs as
viggo's finger traces out
an ear's curved question
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Obsidian Love [28 Jan 2004|05:18pm]

I'm currently writing one of my haiku drabbles about Liv Tyler/Lucy Lawless, called "Obsidian Love". It's currently at 11 'chapters', but isn't quite finished yet. I'm updating every other day or so in my LJ.

Chapters 1 & 2
Chapters 3 & 4
Chapter 5
Chapters 6 to 11
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a couple haiku [21 Jan 2004|02:38am]

fists and curled fingers
Dom unready to react-
is it love or war?


the leaves swirl downward
Orlando can taste autumn,
still missing Billy.
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Final chapters of Fetish [17 Jan 2004|01:38pm]

I've posted the final chapters of my haiku story: Fetish III.
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More Fetish [16 Jan 2004|10:46am]

The next four chapters of Fetish (my haiku story) are up:

Fetish II.
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Orlijah drabble: Fetish [14 Jan 2004|02:04pm]

This 10 stanza haiku drabble is for epicanthus.

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[09 Jan 2004|05:41pm]

blue colours my life;
even my orlijah love
has lost its rainbow
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