meghan: restless sleep and reckless dreams (vegetariansushi) wrote in lotr_haiku,
meghan: restless sleep and reckless dreams

wing!fic haiku

Title: Untitled
Pairing: None, really.
Rating: Probably R, though I tend to rate high.
Disclaimer: Definitely not at all mine.
Warnings: Wingfic. Elijah-centric. Though not especially explicit, there is passing mention of various body fluids, and if you squick especially easily, you probably shouldn't read this.
Author's Note: Yesterday, I promised deleerium that I'd write her haiku wingfic by tonight. I didn't mean for it to get anywhere near this long (25 stanzas), and didn't think that it was going to be the kind of thing that I posted anywhere. When I finished, though, I realised that I quite liked it, and figured what the hell.

It starts late at night.
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